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Friday, May 10, 2013

Ultherapy -The Non-Invasive Facelift

Ultherapy - East bay - San Francisco Bay Area, California

Non-Surgical Facelift

Ultherapy is a brand new type of face and neck treatment which is a non-surgical procedure that uses time tested ultrasound technology and the body’s natural collagen rebuilding process that lifts, tones, and tightens loose or sagging skin on the brow, neck, and under the chin. This is exciting new technology and Dr. Delgado is pleased to present it to his patients.

Ultherapy is the only FDA-approved procedure to lift the facial and neck skin on these hard-to-treat areas. Ultherapy uses the energy of ultrasound to stimulate the deep structural support layers of the skin. These layers include the skin, subcutaneous layer and the fibrous SMAS layer. The SMAS facisl layer is the tissue layer lifted in a surgical facelift.

The microfocused ultrasound energy heats up the SMAS layer and stimulates growth of new collagen over time.

Noticeable Results

With Ultherapy, there is absolutly no downtime, no skin scabing , just a healthy stimulation of the internal collagen, noticeable effect on the skin tone and laxity. You can go about your day routine after a single, 60-90 minute in-office treatment. You will notice a “boost” in the body's ability to stimulate collagen. This is a natural process of creating new collagen which builds over time—much like the effect that exercise has on building muscle (but without the multiple workouts!).

Ultherapy is a Beautyful Thing

The final outcome will be seen over the course of 2-3 months. Some patients have seen improvement for up to 6 months, including lifting and tightening of the skin on the neck, under the chin, along the jawline, and on the brow. While ultrasound does not take the place of facial surgery, Ultherapy has proven to be an inviting alternative for those who are not yet ready for surgery

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